Friday, May 20, 2011

Ideal family car list 2011

Ideal family car list 2011, various types of cars are created depending on user needs. types of cars ranging from family cars, touring cars, to sports cars produced by car companies for consumer satisfaction.
create a family car in a larger design with sports car appeal in order to accommodate more passengers. The following is a list of the ideal family car for use when you travel with your family.

Toyota avanza  
avanza car which was launched since 2003 are currently popular in asia, like in Indonesia avanza this be the choice of the family vehicle. in addition to the luxurious design, avanza have enough space to bring your family. avanza car is in the offer price of Rp 145 million  

Honda Jazz 
Honda Jazz is a luxury family car and many in the interest of connoisseurs of luxury cars with futuristic design. even recently the Honda Jazz in production with acceleration more comfortable with auto-matic system. honda jazz with the latest price of Rp 221 million  

Mercedes-Bens  Viano  
Mercedes -Bens Viano is a family car V-classes that may be your dream so far. in addition to very luxurious, Viano car is automatic transmission, interior and exterior design that can make you feel at home for long in the car. the price was pretty fantastic, which is about USD 1.249 billion 

Nissan Grand Livina
Nissan Grand Livina is a family car that has the latest interior and exterior design. room on the interior is very flexible, you'll feel very comfortable because the Nissan Grand Livina has a high-class interior. in addition there are various facilities and features entertainment for your family.

so that as the family car what would you choose? the family car would have to give priority to customer satisfaction, from design to comfort during the ride.

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