Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beware. . . fake oil destroyer your engine!

Beware. . .  fake oil destroyer  your engine!, Fake oil may be more you watch, because you also have to know that the fake oil is a great destroyer of your car or motorcycle engine. many oil consumers that have been deceived by fake oil product, how not? besides difficult to differentiate the original oil, oil prices also tend to be cheaper fake so many people interested in these low oil prices.

oil is actually a machine lubricant which serves to protect your car or motorcycle engine, it could be otherwise. the parties are not responsible for the only want profits regardless of the consequences of a false oil they make. according to one of my fellow workshop, fake oil was made ​​from:
axle oil, diesel fuel, waterglas, caustic soda, and water.

I have a few tips you can use to check the authenticity of oil:
  •   check the oil cap packaging
  •   check the bottom of the pack, make sure the packaging is in good condition
  •   fake oil thinner than the original oil
  •   the smell of fake oil was little rice pest (like out of fuel)
  •   the color of fake oil more nodes than the original oil. 
  •    Identify the serial number that is under the cap container (usually 2 lines were exactly the same              number (written, between the upper and lower numbers straight)

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