Saturday, June 18, 2011

Car rental business 'lucrative but risky'

Car rental business is much liked by the child by the young businessman who has enough capital. This business is developing in the big cities, because most of these business owners feel very lucky but there are some who feel worried to lose.


car rental business is divided into two kinds:

  • Rent a car with a driver with a time of hourly or daily rental. 
  • Rent a car without a driver, with the lease weekly, monthly or even yearly.for the second model, you need to be careful because the risk is quite high as a car is stolen, or cars used for evil.

for that you must insure that your rental car, just in case if something happens with your car. then when renting a car, you should really make sure the car renter identity card.
selection of cars that are popular you had to pay attention, because whether or not selling your car rental depends on the consumer interest.
workshops in cooperation with the trust your car to spend a little less than the cost of your car maintenance.

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