Saturday, July 9, 2011

BMW M3 'latest generation of BMW 3-series will be launched in 2014'


BMW M3 is the latest cars from BMW that will be released in 2014, the BMW M3 is the latest generation 3-series, which will carry a variety of advantages ranging from the engine to the exterior design is inspired by the 5-series GT.
latest 3.3-liter engine with 6 cylinders provided more 3 turbo system. with a total output of 450HP to be able to make this car can run from 0-60mph in just 4.5 seconds, really incredible. .


actual mechanical problems that will be used by the latest BMW M3 is still under consideration, a choice of 4 different engines ranging from S65 V8 Biturbo, S63 engine, V6 engine, and the N45 engine. but-6 cylinder engine in the modification which seems to be the main choice is the BMW M3.

and what about the exterior design? yes, a mixture of steel and carbon fiber is very light. highly luminous smooth skin that will truly show the impression of luxury in this car. design a little wide but short on the front side and stylish. in 2014 you will see the BMW M3 will be there at the Geneva car show.

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