Tuesday, July 19, 2011

EX1 Peugeot 2011 (100% electric concept)

EX1 Peugeot 2011 is a vehicle that is designed with 100% electric concept, the car is really sleek and aerodynamic. This EX1 car design was already several times the world record, a lightweight body, AWD (all-wheel-drive) combined with two motors provide power to 250 kW cumulative (340 bhp).


Peugeot 2011 concept by door design is incorporated into one with a seat, it gives the impression of efficiency. so when you open the door, then you also get a seat to seat. comfort while driving at high speed is very noticed, the suspension with the composition of the drop link double wishbone gave a very technical solution to the suspension. rocker arm on the shock absorber is able to provide a variable damping.

Electric motors EX 1 2011
peugeot is the new sensation of driving power source that produces an extraordinary acceleration. on the EX 1 uses two motors, each of which works generate forces up to 125 kW (250 kW / 340 bhp in total) and 240 Nm of torque both. type of motor used was different, on the front side using HDi FAP diesel engine and electric motor in the rear.

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