Monday, July 25, 2011

Ferrari Eternita 2011, the Student Design For Enzo Future

Ferrari Eternita 2011 is the best concept cars to be elected to Enzo the future, the race for the future of car design is organized by the 'Ferrari World Design Contest "participated by 50 schools and Universities with a total of participants reached 400 people. those who come are artists with a spirit of creativity and spirit of competition, a goal of taking home the gold trophy from ferrari.

A concept car Ferrari Eternita 2011 born from the hands and mind of a genius participants Hongik University in Seoul, resulting in a replica that made the judges were impressed. This 1:4 scale replica brings an amazing concept in design, technology and materials used to make. with the theory of 'super natural' is taken from the fuel with the emission of 0%, and the design of the car was standing a few millimeters from the ground to improve the aerodynamics.

About replica Ferrari Eternita 2011 at the time were introduced to between 420 and 470 cm and width less than 200 cm. specification is considered very important for the assessment of the race winner, the winner is Kim Cheon Ju, Ahn Dre, and Lee Sahngseok come from Hongik University in Seoul has an internship at Ferrari to develop skills in the automotive industry.

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