Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2012 Ford C-max Hybrid Concept , 'MPV most fuel-efficient'

2012 Ford C-max Hybrid Concept is an artificial MPV car ford company, released this car with the concept of 'Ford C-Max Energy'. with this concept Ford C-max car Hybrid will be the most economical in fuel use. hybrid cars by 2012 plans will be brought to North America. cars are designed with enough room for 6 people also seem exotic from the outside tamplan. Car-based Hybrid will be very helpful when traffic volume is increasing and fuel-efficient car is the solution.


Outside the C-max Hybrid design was made as elegant as possible and is also concerned about the back door. five C-max cabin is also equipped hybrid technology is good, including my
MyFord Mobile system, the ford my touch, new brake system coach. ford my mobile phone is very useful if you are on the way, this will maintain constant contact so that you can always use a phone or web at the C-max car Hybrid. This technology will warn you when a car would need to refuel.


The operating system of this car will be like hybrid cars today, which means the Ford C-max Hybrid will come with a lithium ion battery, and using 2.0liter Atkinsen-cycle gasoline engine. about the price of this 2012 Ford C-max Hybrid Concept we would still wait for the announcement of the ford.

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