Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Motorcycle Valentino Rossi 'Desmosedici GP 11.1 is still problematic'

New Motorcycle Valentino Rossi still seems problematic, the motor called the Desmosedici GP 11.1 is actually in preparing for the racing season next year with a 1000cc. but the present circumstances rossi demanding to be revamping its back on the Desmosedici bike. the problem lies in the 1000cc motor adjustments to fit into the 800cc race this year with the regulations.

New motorcycle
Valentino rossi obviously need revamping, but re-construct Settling-in is obviously very disturbing his concentration on a few races in doing it. adjustment is not enough to just change the engine, 1000cc and 800cc motor setting is obviously very different from the material used to frame the material body. influence motor weight is what should be a mechanic to fix the attention of the Desmosedici 11.1.

It is very disappointing repeated during the qualifying session at the Sachsenring circuit, Germany. Valentino Rossi to be satisfied with the results start at number 12. New motorcycle
Valentino rossi is still rather weak in the braking, it is directly recognized by Valentino Rossi. but from it all ducati too much to learn, and quite satisfied with the changes made to valentino rossi ducati.

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