Thursday, July 21, 2011

SSC tuatara 2012 (battle heats fast cars in the world)

Tuatara 2012 will present at next year to heat up the competition with the title (battle world fast car), the concept car 'Ultimate Aero' of America really should be recognized by its rivals such as Buggati Veyron SS with speed 256mph time. design parts of the body to concentrate on the great aerodynamics, and engine capabilities have been enhanced to make SSC tuatara to be reckoned with in this 2012 edition of the fastest cars.


The results of the design concept of 'Ultimate Aero' on SSC tuatara 2012 this is amazing, the body of this work further SSC provides exceptional strength with more than 200mph. Headlights design looks very sporty, produces a perfect lighting for the car at high speed. also features dihedral wing stabilizers or stabilizer which serves as the air pressure. air cavity under the influence is very significant to the cooling of automobile engines. 

about the performance of SSC tuatara 2012 is a shocking thing on paper. and brought the twin-turbo 6.8-liter engine V8 performance is very strong, even the V8 engine was developed by the SSC. change was seen in the development of a system of four-valves-per-cylinder overhead cam (OHC), this will encourage more powerful turbo charger on this SSC. This new setting comes with 1350HP and will of rev to 9000RPM. you will not be able to imagine only with 2.8 seconds can travel at 62mph and a top speed of 275 mph. RWD car with the system will be lighter than the AWD system on the Veyron.

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