Friday, July 1, 2011

Vespa scooter community in Indonesia 'outpouring of hobby and art'

Vespa scooter community in Indonesia might now very much, the lovers of this classic motor was sometimes collects several types of Vespa at once.
XHBEQQ9HNGSP Vespa is a kind of scooter that was first produced in 1946 in Italy by the company 'Piaggio'.

vespa community in Indonesia has always held a very festive event as media associations Vespa lovers. in the event gathers a variety of Vespa with various modifications and types of Vespa.
creative ideas from the owners who make it seem unique Vespa.


for example in gathering Vespa in the city of Malang, East Java. This is an annual event was held to collect the scooter lovers as the island of Java. tourist city 'stone' was a sea of ​​vespa, vespa oldest to start a rundown were observed. event named 'Java Scooter Rendezvous'

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