Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Delta Wing 2012 'concept sports car of the future'

Delta Wing 2012

Delta Wing 2012 is a fresh concept for most car racing series in 2012, and this form was prepared for the race series in America. A car that was born from the idea to develop a real race car, more power, more speed, and a very high level of aerodynamics. Concept car racing from the Delta Wing Racing Cars LLC is concentrating on the aerodynamics and fuel efficiency without compromising performance.
Delta Wing 2012
The concept of Delta Wing 2012 comes with a 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine capable of generating power of 300hp at 8000 rpm with a fuel cell capacity to 40 liters. The machine was mated with a 5-speed transmission with an electrical longitudinal sequential paddle shift. may force 300hp slightly below the average car that followed the series of Le-Mans but Delta Wing in 2012 to take advantage of aerodynamic concepts are developed today.

Delta Wing 2012
Delta Wing 2012 using a system RWD (rear-wheel-drive) that add ballast to the back side, this will improve its acceleration inline. supported the concept of sleek nose under the car contoured parts that generate the downforce is very good strength. Weighing only 475 kg with making these cars already meet the criteria of the concept of a simple and efficient.

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