Monday, August 15, 2011

Pagani Huayra C9 (Latest Evolution Huayra) 2011

Huayra Pagani C9

Pagani Huayra C9 a supercar that can impress you because of its strength, this year C9 series comes with many features and parts on the car a more updated. It is reported that the Pagani Huayra will come first in America through a network of dealers, bringing a rare machine that produced only 20 units per year. Pagani stated that this car is the result of dedication for 5 years Pagani team to launch a super car that was great. C9 launch this car probably will ignite the competition with a big factory super cars such as Ferrari or Aston.
Huayra Pagani C9

Huayra Pagani C9

Pagani Huayra C9 to come with the performance side is very interesting to talk about, because Huayra Pagani C9 has a new section 3770. An engine Twin-Turbo Charger is capable of generating power up to 700HP and torque to 730 pound-feet. About the types of machines, whether using a V12 engine or not? It is still a consideration Pagani Team. That much power sent to the rear wheels with the X-trac seven-speed sequential equilibrium which is the latest feature. Meanwhile, the number of emissions to be reduced to half with the technology Pagani Euro 5 compliant. The speed obtained was quite remarkable,where the 60mph can be reached in just less than 3 seconds and hit a maximum speed of over 220mph. with such speed that Pagani is preparing for an air braking system of super-expensive, super-light, from carbon-titanium.
Huayra Pagani C9

Exterior Design Pagani Huayra C9 quite exclusive and aerodynamics, in part using a carbon-titanium chassis, then the suspension uses aluminum alloy, a special offer to come on Pirelli tires, carbon-titanium material is expected to make heavy C9 awake at 2700 pounds. C9 use gullwing type doors such as those used Mercedes SLS. Sharp impression of luxury is shown in two pairs of headlights and 6 round lights in the rear, the exhaust is more clearly visible in this section.
Meanwhile, Interior Design will be filled with luxury features such as aluminum pedals, high-grade leather and carbon fiber. Steering wheel will become an important tool for high-speed access at this super car. Other facilities such as audio, satellite navigation, Bluetooth and even secondary functions all placed in high-tech touch-screen on the dashboard. C9 is likely to be priced at around 4 million euros (or approximately $ 5.7 million)

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