Monday, August 29, 2011

Morgan 3-Wheeler 2011 - 'Superdry edition' as a competitor to T-rex car.

Morgan 3-Wheeler 2011

Morgan 3-Wheeler 2011 is a vehicle with three wheels of the Morgan family who this time comes with a special edition of 'Superdry Edition'. everything is new in this edition, ranging from leather jackets to the entire body with Superdry, Shifer custom, unique orange line on tires, and a fairly simple form. weighing only 500 kg, 3-wheeler is able to accommodate two passengers in it. 2 pieces of exclusive headlamps with the impression of a very classic, this car is good enough when your night out.

Morgan 3-Wheeler 2011
Powered by 1800cc engine 'V twin' 2.0-liter twin-SS, in Morgan 3-Wheeler
2011 is capable of producing up to 115 horsepower. The engine mated to a gearbox 5 kecpatan, so they can take from 0-62 seconds in just 4.2 seconds, was slightly below the ability of T-rex car capable of boosting from 0-97 in just 3.5 seconds.

Morgan 3-Wheeler 2011
Morgan 3-Wheeler 2011 comes with a choice of 8 colors of exercise, you will be very comfortable if you can ride one of their favorite color choice. These cars are produced is quite limited, only 200 models on the market are offered at a price of £ 46.000 - $ 75.500. 3-wheeler in the concept of T-rex car is more dominate, and we expect there will be something more at Morgan 3-Wheeler 2011.

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