Thursday, August 4, 2011

Terrafugia Flying Car 'start flying in the U.S., 100 people lined up for a flying car'


Flying Car started favored the car lovers, this new innovation and 100 people have put a deposit of $ 10,000 to transition their Terrafugia flying car. while the flying car is priced at $ 227,000. flying car is expected to be in the streets in the U.S., this is what the founders of expression and hope for the end of next year Terrafugia.



Next Terrafugia Flying Car in the area want to expand globally, and the proper foundation is Europe. This will be attempted, it is a concession to obtain permission from the European Safety Agency, based in Cologne. not only that, Terrafugia stated that there are approximately 20 British citizens who want to get the transition.

Terrafugia Flying Car Designs made ​​with 2 pieces of passenger seats made ​​of carbon fiber, the design will be tailored to your interests and latest designs. maximum speed the car was flying when the air around 115mph, and when landing only takes about 15 seconds to fold its wings. a small transformer, the car flew into a shape resembling a large sedan.

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