Saturday, August 20, 2011

Used Cars, '5 Important Things to Look For When Buying A Used Car '

Used car may be an alternative if you want to buy a car at a price that you can adjust the price with your ability. Now a lot of car showroom and home sellers to offer used cars with different brands and the price is quite affordable. but what about the quality of the used car? apparently you need to careful in buying used cars. you certainly do not want if you buy car former with pretty cheap prices but disappointing, for that I will share 5 important Tips from my experience of used cars.

Body Parts Carefully check whether the state of the car body is still precision or not, because most of the cars sold have had accidents and so forth. improvement may have been done, but you must ensure that used car is still in one piece. was then revealed using your hands and feel whether the paint on the car has been improved many times or still the original paint, usually a perfunctory revamping of the car paint can cause the car easily peeled off. 

Engine Parts Part of this machine is the most central part, so I suggest you bring a mechanic or mechanics your subscription to view the used car engine parts. The seller is subtle sometimes brush up on some parts of the engine to make it look good still. check the engine oil because the car is a little problematic sometimes have a bad oil color and always berkuarang caused the car started leaking pistons, carburetor, and exhaust channels. try turning the car, noticed smoke coming out, if white and thick, then do not buy a used car like that. 

Electrical Parts These electrical parts should function as the original, as most used cars I encounter have a working system that has been damaged electricity, some even with the sloppy repairs but poorly. This is very dangerous, some cases even resulted in the burning car because of electrical short circuit. 

Test Vehicle Directly Test Vehicle Direct is very necessary to know the actual state of the car, make sure the steering, brakes, transmission, and applications support work well. 

Vehicle Letters section. The letter is the vehicle that should be observed, before you buy a used car that you try to match the description on the letter of the vehicle with a used car that you want to buy, that you must check the engine number, chassis number, license plate number, and name of previous ownership. because now the cars are very much illegal as the result of theft or other criminal activity to be sold freely Observe a few things before buying Used Car.

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