Monday, September 12, 2011

2012 Audi S8, "Top of the Line Luxury Model"

2012 Audi S8

2012 Audi S8 is currently in the top line luxury car models, this series is the newest in the family Audi. Fabulous luxurious design that is combined with an amazing performance Sporty. This car was first introduced on Frankfurt motor Show, the S8 comes with a side of the exterior is not much different from other family-S. Equipped with a pair Headligh LED lights, fog lights are designed under the section corner, set of 20 "alloy wheels, new grille and rear bumper features a new diffuser pipe. While in the interior side to get new sport seats, a new sports steering wheel, and sports a trim design unique. 

2012 Audi S8

In 2012 Audi S8 gets a better engine performance, and this strongly supports the sporty design of this Audi car. a new 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged TFSI V8 engine mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission is present to provide an extraordinary impetus. performance of the machine are passed to the new quattro all-wheel drive system that delivers a total power of up to 520 horsepower and 479 lb / ft of torque at 1.700 to 5.500 rpm. while the ability to sprint car from 0-60 mph in just 4.2 seconds. a technology that was developed at Audi S8 engine can save fuel consumption up to 23% and beat up to 17.8 mpg. 

2012 Audi S8

This car is also more innovation with some great features like the new V8 engine (a new cylinder deactivation system) that works off a four-cylinder engine. in addition, the 2012 Audi S8 is also supported new feature direct-injection technology, energy recuperation, and start-stop systems.pada suspension system equipped with air suspension designed with variable dampers, a new braking system is equipped with internally ventilated 400mm diameter at the front and 365mm at the rear. 2012 Audi S8 price yet to be announced in detail, but we expect more from the A8 version.

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