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6 things that could damage the car battery

6 things that could damage the car battery which we will discuss is probably the problem that we often encounter on the car, of damage to the battery on our car is very disturbing activities. may you also often find if difficult morning for your car engine is turned on, or on a long journey after stopping for a moment the car will not start again. here I will discuss things that make your battery is damaged and the solution quickly.

6 things that could damage the car battery6 things that could damage the car battery

1. If you use a wet battery type, battery acid filling time limit and do not look overfill. if you overfill will make electric batteries can not be filled completely.
2. Often Check the battery acid battery acid filling if the distance is too short, so please bring your car to the garage. This might be due to the contents of the alternator that is too large, this is not good even severe circumstances can make the battery explode because of excess electricity. The solution is to install Ampere meter.
3. Do not let your battery shortage / even until the water runs out of battery, this will damage the battery cells.
4. In the second pole of the battery (/ -) often occurs pengkapuran, you can clean it manually or by pouring hot water both poles of the battery. The solution lubricate the two poles of the battery with bearing grease / oil.
5. do not ever leave your battery unused for a long time, because the battery will be quickly damaged if allowed to stand for long periods. solution if you rarely travel receipts for the car, turn on your car engine every morning for 10-20 minutes so the battery fully charged stun.
6 Never install cables in the reverse side of the battery, besides damaging the tool on the Car it also be bad for your battery. customers even in the workshop I've had this experience, the battery exploded.

And how to check whether your battery is still fit for use or not is to test. electronically than by check that is with a tool, we can check it by manual. The first turn on your machine in the afternoon, leave the engine running up to 20 minutes. then turn off the engine, remove one of the wires (+) or (-) on batteries. let the battery with the situation, then the next morning that you plug the cable back off earlier. turn on your machine, if the process of turning on the machine normally means the battery is still good and fit for use, but if when you turn on the heavy machinery / engine would not start even mean the battery is not able to save power shock, in this state has diminished your own battery the charge .

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