Sunday, October 23, 2011

Finally MotoGP Series 2011, The death of Marco Simoncelli 'Super-Six'. Reviews

The death of Marco Simoncelli
Finally MotoGP Series 2011 ends with an account of grief from a talented rider Marco Simoncelli, Sunday 23 October 2011 in Malaysia Sepang circuit. This tragic story begins when Simoncelli fought for space with V. Rossi and C. Edwards, right after the bend on the second lap Simoncelli lost control of his motorcycle. Simoncelli was dropped, and the difficult circumstances due to fall in line C.edwards Simon and V Rossi. the accident was inevitable and finally Yamaha Tech 3's Edwards hit back and head Simoncelli, Edwards also lost control crashed into V. Rossi. Simoncelli was lying in the middle of the race track with a helmet regardless of his head, right then and there the race was stopped by waving a red flag. all the medical team to concentrate,
but serious injuries in the head makes Simoncelli could not be saved.

The death of Marco Simoncelli
The death of Marco Simoncelli

Actually Simoncelli or are familiar with the so-called 'Super-Six' is a driver that is predicted to dominate MotoGP event in the future. but unfortunately now lost the World MotoGP racing talent talented. in the class below it, on the Moto2 class also experienced something similar, before the last two laps of a race rider fell and had to be stopped. but not as bad as the situation experienced by Marco Simoncelli. now there will be no more aggressive riders who will enliven the MotoGP competition is nicknamed 'Super-Six'. RIP Simoncelli.

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