Thursday, June 23, 2011

5 latest collection of luxury cars footballer

5 latest collection of luxury cars footballer ,Luxury cars footballer the world collection varies from classic style cars to sports cars that cost billions. not impossible for a class footballer david beckham, wayne rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo is even a very high salary.

These luxury cars in the collection of football players is probably due to a hobby or just for fun during football season is finished.
and here are the cars:


  1. Aston Martin Vanquish is a car that price is quite high, which is about $ 138,000. This car has been owned by wayne rooney and david beckcham
  2. Mc Laren Mercedes SLR super car from Mercedes that cost about 11 billion and only 75 units in production. This car was also not spared from the package purchase of luxury cars david beckham.
  3. Range Rover Sport is a car with a luxurious enough in interest, other than that this car was designed on the track of road. range rover sport is respected around 1.2 billion
  4. bentley continental supersport is a car that was recently bought by david beckham, the price of this car is around $ 260,000.
  5. Lamborghini galardo priced up to 136,450 pounds of this into a collection of wayne rooney in his car garage.collection of luxury cars of the stars of this field is really menggurkan, because the price is always above average, sporty and luxurious look of a mandatory price for the owner.

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