Monday, June 20, 2011

Mitsubishi lancer A70 'ancestors of the car lancer'

Mitsubishi lancer A70 is the first product series mitsubishi lancer, lancer A70 was first launched in 1973, and the name of the Lancer began a conversation. because of this gene A70 Lancer race car planted.


precisely in February 1973 with the design of this car 4-door, it was quite successful in the market mitsubishi car japan. on the next type of mitsubishi lancer GSR 1600 1.2-liter premises that make this car more powerful, with carrying a larger 1.6-liter engine 4G32. Output Power 70 PS (51 kW), 92 PS (68 kW) and 100 PS (74 kW), and uses two artificial twin Mikuni carburettor barrel for the performance of 110 (81 kW) at 6700 rpm PS.


in 1973 after the launch, this lancer car won its debut in Rally Cross South Australia to bring home the championship top four.
and great in 1974, the Lancer is winning rally racing in the safari, kenya. lancer in Africa is dubbed the 'king's car'
Lancer's first success was eventually forwarded to the birth of a new type with the nickname Mitsubishi Lancer Lancer Evolution

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