Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lamborghini Cabrera (gliding in 2013 with engine 600 HP supercharged engine)?

Lamborghini Cabrera is a figure baby supercar which would be the successor of the cars made ​​Lambhorghini sports sedan. in 2013 due to be launched, and according to the growing issue of this car will bring the machine with a capacity of 600 HP supercharged. not if it's true this car will be very leuar usual? comes with a sporty appearance, high speed, and maybe the price is also high.

Cabrera Design will come with lightweight carbon fiber monocoque body, metallic colors, aerodynamic shape, with eyes of bluish light with a red eye bags, that's a picture of Cabrera. there is a section of air cavities on his lower lip very effectively distribute air surfing between machines. rear wing is not too big but plays well in air control, the AWD system on the car is still a consideration, because this car is prepared with great force. Lambhorghini Cabrera will probably take over the Italian Ferrari 458 when it launched in 2013 or later.


In proclaim Lamborghini
Cabrera comes with V10 engine the same found in Lambhorghini Galardo but the difference lies in the presence of technology to deliver 552 HP Supercharged to 600HP at Cabrera. about prices and other features are still waiting for the team Lambhorghini.

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