Saturday, July 23, 2011

Toyota FJ Cruiser TRD 2011, the explorer tough. reviews

Toyota FJ Cruiser TRD 2011 a very suitable vehicle cruising the streets as you use any kind, no matter the streets of the capital or the wilderness. This option is very unusual, because it really was designed by Toyota for it. off road car version and the option price is very attractive, for TRD versions priced at $ 33.461. with prices like that, you'll get the car off roader that cukp to the capacity of 5 adults, sporty flavor that will be enormous with the TRD 16-in that supports high speed and shocks as well.


Toyota FJ Cruiser TRD 2011 comes with some changes in body shape, stocky and square design of the short axis. TRD package on the add to compensate for bumps in the wheel of this car. eyes rounded in front of the little lights that give the impression of a classic car, but a moment after you see the wheel of a sporty side of it then you will get the spirit of exploring it. when you get into the FJ Cruiser, some equipment such as compasses and inclineometer cruising on the dashboard. there is a folding chair on the back side of this car, cargo space is very comfortable.

What about the performance and overall price version of the Toyota FJ Cruiser TRD 2011? 4.0-liter V6 engine that is very hard worker, with the valve timing and dual overhead cams as well. with a V6 engine can produce 260 horsepower and 276 pounds / ft of torque at 4600 rpm. it is capable of making FJ shot from 60 mph to 7.2 seconds, is surprising for the size of the car off roader. stainless steel exhaust tip on the FJ provides a very stern voice, muffled sound but it's very extensive.
Toyota FJ Cruiser comes with several options, namely, FJ Cruiser 4x2 AT V6 (5 speed automatic) with a price of $ 25.790, FJ Cruiser 4x4 V6 (6-speed manual) at a price of $ 26.970, FJ Cruiser 4x4 AT V6 (5 speed automatic) with a price of $ 27.380 .

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