Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ryan Dunn and David Guetta died in a car accident, what causes it?


Ryan Dunn and David Guetta died in an accident, it's probably a very sad thing for fans of two of the world's top artists. they are so remembered since his death in a car accident. Ryann Dunn, who is not familiar with him? he is an
Jackass artist, his name became an instant trending topic on twitter that night after the accident, the accident occurred in West Goshen, Philadelphia.


Similarly, David Guetta, when it reportedly crashed after driving the car at high speed and eventually crashed into an embankment, according to eyewitnesses David's car had rolled and tossed like to lose control while driving. then what is the main cause of Ryan Dunn and David Guetta died in a car accident?

News Ryan Dunn stated that develops before the accident occurred was drinking with his friends, as did David Guetta at the time after the accident found the former alcohol and drugs. really a very horrible reason, it is true if we are not allowed to drive drunk. because at that time we really could not control the pace car.

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