Thursday, July 28, 2011

Toyota Subaru FT-86 Sports Car (Best Sports Car 2012 )


Toyota FT-86 Sports Car 2012 is the latest concept cars toyota subaru, this is the result of a combination of two brands from japan. FT-86 is or are more in the know with the subaru 0846 will present a concept that promotes sporty aerodynamics. This car system uses rear-wheel-drive (RWD), so the aerodynamic body will cut the air with the encouragement of the rear wheels.

Toyota FT
-86 Sports Car 2012  display will look very sporty from the outside and the interior is very impressive. on the steering wheel in the dressing with a layer of red Kult, has a pedal made ​​from aluminum, the latest navigation system, also equipped with a neon red light meter, dark-colored instrument panel is printed in darker-colored dashboard.


Engine on the Toyota FT-86 Sports Car using a 2.0-liter engine (naturally-aspirated flat-four) is the engine of development subaru and toyota. This machine will plan in combination with D-4S system combining the technology of injection with port injection. D-4S system will improve torque and output. there are two types of transmission choice is 6 speed manual and six-speed automatic. F-86 toyota approximately $ 20,000

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