Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BMW X6 2011, 'M Typhoon S' by G-Power

BMW X6 M Typhoon S

BMW X6 with a new revolution, the car was nicknamed the 'M typhoon S' by the tuning of Germany. G-Power brings a comprehensive package to the version of the BMW X6 'Typhoon S' which is very unusual, I call this remarkable because of improvements includes the performance and aerodynamics on the car side of the X6. possible on the interior only changed, so did the exterior still wearing SUV, but on the performance side is given more power in the engine. how strong?

BMW X6 M Typhoon S


BMW X6 has more engine power to the version of 'Typhoon S', the output of the engine can generate power of up to 726 HP. 4.4-liter engine SUV V8 engine developed by G-Power with their own electrical engineering, is also equipped with an electric current restrictions reaches 656 lb / ft of torque. electrically restriction was functioning to reduce pressure on car transmissions X6 but with a more strengthened gearbox settings. this produces Typhoon winds that blow from 0-62 in just 4.2 seconds.



Design of the BMW X6 'M typhoon S' is a significant reduction in the attitude to 30mm, this clearly indicates that the G-power to improve aerodynamics on this car. apart from that body-kit on the front side of a slight change in the presence of larger air intakes that provide cooling power that ordinary lar on the machine. on the side of the foot present a set of 23 "3-part forged aluminum wheels Silverstone RS-backed Michelin tires. price BMW X6 'M Typhoon S' is approximately 33.079 ($ 41.638)

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