Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chevrolet-Flash Fire, The World's Fastest Jet Truck

Jet Truck World's Fastest

Chevrole Flash is the answer tot trucks the fastest on the planet, if you think the answer is a high strength of the Camaro or the Corvette was very wrong. Fastest jet fire truck is owned by Chevrolet S10 Darnell Neal of Springfield, Missouri. This is the result of Neal kreaatifitas to create the fastest jet car. comes with a Pratt & Whitney jet engines that produce 12,000 horsepower is very surprising.

All is not easy even to have Chevrolet Flash , he must obtain a license from the NHRA and IHRA Drag Racing. after purchasing a giant beast is powered darnel still have to think out to tame it. Darnel give a name to this baby as 'Flash Fire Jet Truck', this is a decent name for this car is capable of running from 0-60 in just 1.5 seconds with an average speed of 350mph and reaches a maximum speed of 375mph. he issued a fire 'mad' at the time ran, it really burned us. then there is even greater, at the same time an attraction by the plane above it.

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