Saturday, August 13, 2011

Chevron gr8 2011 'High Strength, Passing Limit'

Chevron gr8 2011

Chevron gr8 built with a super model aerodynamics, the car is really designed for racing. Chevron bones on this gr8 made ​​with high-grade steel, which has a spaceframe structure, semi-monocoque. This car is debuted at last year's racing season, and now comes back with the original structure but with the addition of new equipment features a modern twist.

On the interior side is not much changed from previous versions of Chevron's gr8, but the benefit is given by Pi Omega Cosworth LCD electronics and electronic dashboard that can increase the performance of the rider. This car was built with four-cylinder engine Cosworth 2.0-liter inline-backed PiRQ4 Pectel ECU is capable of producing 260HP.
Chevron gr8 2011

Special attention is given to the safety of Chevron gr8 driver , gr8 for that Chevron has supported AP racing to support the braking, the more perfect shock absorber with Proflex, a special suspension for Chevron, and SL Speedline Corse wheels. this car is priced at £ 80,000 ($ 128,000) + gearbox and engine.

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