Friday, September 9, 2011

2011 Ram Long Hauler, 'Concept Car Carrier' Spec and Reviews

2011 Ram Long Hauler

2011 Ram Long Hauler is a truck that is designed with more power, the design is longer so it can carry more goods. Chrysler's Ram brand manufacturer comes with a bathtub pick-up nearly 24-foot large enough, can even carry 170 gallons of fuel that is able to travel a distance of 1.600 miles before it needs to refuel again. Trucks design is truly luxurious, the exterior comes with a reinforced black paint with white-gold metallic paint, get a set of 19.5 "aluminum wheels Interior Alcoa.pada side you will see a 2 +2 seating and leather ans 12V 115V outlets.

2011 Ram Long Hauler

2011 Ram Long Hauller runs on inline six-cylinder 7.6-liter is capable of delivering High Output Cummins Turbo Diesel engine rated at 800 lb / ft of torque, is mated to the engine capacity six-speed, AS68RC Aisin automatic transmission. power was coupled with a 4.88 Dana 110 axle with dual rear wheels. The result is a high-powered Truck that you are ready to become your partner. 

2011 Ram Long Hauler

This Truck also has some features in the interior as a medium of entertainment in the form of a DVD player, overhead screens, and wireless Internet connection. Truck launch began in May 2011 in Louisville, Kentucky and is now entering the 5th session of a series of launch 2011 Ram Long Hauler events that will begin at:

  • Grand Island, Nebraska on September 13-15
  • Dearborn, Michigan on September 19
  • Moultrie, Georgia on October 18-20
  • Louisville, Kentucky on November 29 - December 1

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