Monday, October 10, 2011

2011 F1 champion, Sebastian Vettel The New Champion. Reviews

2011 F1 champion

2011 F1 champion has been won by Sebastian Vettel, with a high enough number of points Vettel makes it very difficult to reach by other drivers. indeed from the first series was held Vettel F1 2011 has shown strength with Red Bull-Renault team. several competitors such as Button and Alonso overshadow step Vettel early on, but dominance is not unshakable until Vettel-15 series. He even won nine victories in races throughout the title. unfortunately failed at the last race was won by Vettel. 

2011 F1 champion
2011 F1 champion

In the last series race at Suzuka, Japan started the race with a perfect start, Team Red Bull-Renault uses strategies 2-1. Pit-Stop using the strategy to use soft tires. but the strategy has not been running smoothly so that Vettel tend to take a pit stop earlier than other drivers. this is certainly very influential on the next pit-stop. This weakness is exploited by Jenson Button, with a pit-stop tactics collide Button finally won the race in Suzuka, Japan. Button victory but unable to change the title Sebastian Vettel as F1 2011 Champion. and here are the points until the 15 th series F1 2011

1. Vettel with 324  point

2. Button with  210 point
3. Alonso with 202 point
4. Webber with 194  point
5. Hamilton with 178  point
6. Massa with 90 point
7. Rosberg with 63 point
8. Schumache r with 60 point
9. Petrov with 36  point
10. Heidfeld with 34  point
11. Sutil with 28 point
12. Kobayashi with 27 point
13. In Resta with 20 point
14. Alguersuari with 16 point
15. Buemi with 13 point
16. perez with 13 point
17. Barrichello with 4 point
18. Senna with 2 point
19. Maldonado with 1 point

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