Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2014 Jaguar CX75, Transcendental From The Legend XJ13. Reviews

2014 Jaguar CX75

2014 Jaguar CX75 concepts and images have been announced at the Paris Auto Show 2010, but it seems to car projects will actually be realized. Without a lot of people know that the CX75 is actually inspired by the legend XJ13. Who XJ13? it is one powerful prototype car models that challenge competitors in the LeMans in the mid-1960s. Jaguar party also said that the CX75 would have the most sought-after design, a supercar of the most innovative design and best ever in production. 

2014 Jaguar CX752014 Jaguar CX752014 Jaguar CX75

So special to the design that brought a lot to ask for consideration from the Williams F1 team about carbon fiber and other composite materials. The exterior design is quite impressive with an aerodynamic capabilities are quite impressive (2.976 lb sports car.), Capsule-shaped headlights with black lid on it, whereas on the front lip is filled by the main air intake, and additional air intakes on right and left side, on the side side near the rear wheel also present a pair of air intakes, and what you see on the back side? a sporty design of a bumper, instrument lights are also two very stylish. While the interior design for not a lot were dictated by the Jaguar team, but we will certainly look forward to seeing some of sporty design and advanced navigation feature on the 2014 Jaguar CX75.

Performance CX75 is designed with consideration of the Williams F1 team, the car is running on the 1.6L gasoline engine combined with electric motors Four (one for each axle) also jet installed there. ability of these machines is predicted to be able to produce a total force of more than 800HP. with the power of Sprint is able to make the car from 0-60mph in just 3.0 seconds and less than the maximum speed will sit at 200mph. Porsche 918 Spyder and the Concept would be a pretty good competitor for the CX75. This car will be produced just 250 units at a price of 2014 Jaguar CX75 on a number of around $ 1 million and $ 1.3 million

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